Looking for a Logo!

Well my friends I want to update the look to Bye Bye Pounds, but I'm not very artistic myself.  So, I'm hoping that some kind souls out there will be willing to give me a hand here.  I'm looking for a new logo that I can use for my header image.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  And heck if someone is actually willing to do one up for me, I would be very much obliged :)

I look forward to seeing some good suggestions from you guys.


Katie Guzman/Pam Kevern said...

Love your site! I'm 6 days post-op, so this is a good one to bookmark! :)

I have a logo for you....what is a good email address for me to send it to you? :)


Bonnie said...

Thank you Katie... I'm soooo glad you like the site :)

If you just click on the Contact tab above, you'll be able to email me.

I hope you enjoy the recipes!


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