Vitamin Water Goodness!

I went to the supermarket the other day and was looking at the many vitamin waters they had. 
This one caught my eye right away because I had never heard of it or seen it before.  So I grabbed the last 2 bottles they had to give them a try.  I had tried almost every other brand there is out there that is low in sugar, but none of them have or better yet DON'T have what Vidration has, and that is ZERO carbs, ZERO sugar and ZERO calories!
Granted I thought "this probably isn't gonna be that great", but boy was I mistaken!  I think this is the BEST vitamin water I have tried.  So far of the flavors I tried I like the Lemon-Lime flavor the best.  It's not overly sweet like some of the other waters out on the market and it doesn't have that artificial taste either.
It is a bit difficult to come across since the only place I've seen it is at my local Publix, but there are places online where you can get it.
So go out there and find yourself a bottle of Vidration, you're gonna thank me!  :)


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