34th Birthday!

My husband & I

Wow! I can't believe how quickly time has gone by.  Today I celebrated my 34th birthday at a weight I never thought I would see again (before having this wonderfully miraculous surgery!)  I am currently 6 months post-op and weighing 208 lbs. for a total weight loss so far of 84 lbs.
Before having this surgery I never knew that I could be this happy with myself again.  With every passing day I know that having my RNY was the best decision I could have ever made for myself and my family.  I have been quite lucky since having my surgery.  I am able to eat almost everything I use to without getting sick.  I cannot do sugar in high quantities, but that is something I am thankful for.  I try to avoid simple carbs as much as possible (about the only one I do on occassion is potato.)  And I try to keep a diet high in protein with lots of fruits and vegetables and some complex carbs.
I had set myself a short term goal to reach onederland before my birthday, but unfortunately I didn't quite make it.  Even though I didn't make the goal I am SUPER happy with where I am right now.  I know that if I had been exercising like I'm suppose to I could have made my goal.  And that is something that I'm going to work hard at doing.
Any way you put it though this has been one of the best birthdays I've had in a long time!  I am loving the new me and how everything in my life is going.

Chicken Japchae (Chap Chae)

If there is one korean dish that I absolutely love and can't live without it has to be Japchae!  Unfortunately the original dish has quite a bit of carbs since it uses cellophane noodles, which are made of sweet potato flour.  But I have come up with a way to continue enjoying my beloved Japchae without all those nasty carbs!  I hope you all enjoy this one!!!


1 Chicken Breast (sliced very thin)
1-package Miracle Noodle Shirataki Angel Hair (prepared per pkg. directions, then cut)
1 cup Fresh Spinach Leaves (sliced thin)
1 Green Onion (sliced)
2 heads Baby Bok Choy (sliced thin)
1/2 Onion (sliced)
1/2 cup Carrot Matchsticks
8 Whole Dry Shitake Mushrooms (reconstituted and sliced thin)
1 Egg (optional)
Sesame oil
Nonstick cooking spray
1 tbsp. Toasted Sesame Seeds


2 tsp. Splenda
1/4 cup Rice Vinegar
1/4 cup + 2 tbsp. Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 clove Garlic (grated)
1/2 tsp. Sesame oil
1/2 tsp. White Pepper

Combine all the ingredients for the sauce/marinade.  You should have about a 1/2 cup.  Reserve 1/4 cup for use as the sauce for the noodles and vegetables.  Add the thin sliced chicken to the rest of the marinade and let it sit for at least 5 minutes.  Meanwhile prep all your vegetables.
 Now heat your wok on high heat and spray it.  Drain your chicken of the marinade and add it to the wok.  Cook for 3 to 5 minutes or until golden, then remove.
 Now spray your wok again and add the carrots and onions.  Add 1 tbsp. of the reserved marinade.  Cook for 3 to 4 minutes until slightly softened.  Move to a plate.
Spray your wok again and add the mushrooms.  Cook for 3 minutes then add the spinach,  bok choy and 1 tbsp. of the marinade.  Cook for another 2 minutes then remove.
Spray again and crack your egg into the wok.  Scramble the egg in the wok then push to the side and add your noodles.  Cook the noodles for 2 minutes with the remaining sauce then add the chicken and vegetables back to the wok.  Cook for an additional 2 minutes then turn off the heat and add the green onions, sesame seeds and a drizzle of sesame oil.  Toss everything together and serve.  Enjoy!

Just Desserts!!!

Lately I've been having the urge to make some WLS friendly desserts.  Since I don't want to feel like I'm neglecting myself all the foodie pleasures I once over-indulged in.  So I think it's time for me to start coming up with some sugar-free tasty treats. 
I recently purchased an ice cream maker that I have been experimenting with, but unfortunately I still haven't come across any results that I have been completely satisfied with.  I also got this cotton candy maker, which is GREAT!  I have been able to make sugar-free cotton candy!!! How awesome is that?  I bought a container of Crystal Light Sugar-free candies, which I crush up and turn into cotton candy.
Anyhow, expect to see some tasty treats coming in the very near future.

Scallop Pad Thai with Shirataki Noodles


8 to 9 Large Sea Scallops
2 tbsp. Dry Roasted Peanuts or Cashews (chopped)
1 Green Onion (sliced in 1" pieces)
2 Eggs
1 cup Fresh Bean Sprouts
1/2 cup Carrot Matchsticks
1 Pkg. Miracle Noodle Shirataki Fettuccine
1/3 cup Goya Tamarind Pulp (thawed)
3 tsp. Smart Balance Peanut Butter
3 tsp. Fish Sauce
2 tsp. Soy Sauce
2 tsp. Stevia Extract in the Raw or Splenda
1/2 to 1 tsp. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce
Salt and Pepper
Nonstick Canola Spray

Combine tamarind pulp, peanut butter, fish sauce, soy sauce, sweetener and chili sauce.  Whisk them all together and set aside.
Pour shirataki noodles onto a mesh strainer and rinse well, for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Shake out all the excess water, put them in a microwave safe bowl and nuke for 1 minute.  Then drop them on some paper towel and pat dry, at this point you can cut them to any size you prefer.  Set aside.
Preheat your wok or a large pan.  Meanwhile, season your scallops with salt and pepper to taste.  When wok is ready spray with canola oil and add the scallops.  Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side.  Move them to a plate when ready.  Now add some more spray if necessary and add the carrots and bean sprouts.  Cook for 2 to 3 minutes.  Push the vegetables to the sides of the wok and crack the eggs into the center of the pan.  Scramble with a wooden spatula and push to the sides when ready.  Add more spray and add noodles and pad thai sauce.  Bring all the ingredients together using 2 wooden spatulas to toss everything together.  Lastly add the green onions, scallops and chopped nuts.  Cook for another 3 minutes while gently tossing everything together.
Serve with a wedge of lime and some fresh cilantro.  Enjoy!

Mojito-Lime Shrimp with Pico de Gallo


2 lbs. Large Shrimp (peeled & deveined)


3 Limes (juiced and zested) about 1/2 cup juice
12 Mint leaves (chopped fine)
2 tsp. Splenda or Stevia Extract in the Raw
1 tsp. Sea Salt
1/2 tsp. Garlic Powder
1/4 tsp. Rum extract
Pepper to Taste

Pico de Gallo

6 Plum Tomatoes (2 pureed, 4 diced)
1/2 Vidalia Onion (finely chopped)
1 cup Cilantro (chopped)
2 Limes (zested and juiced)
1 Jalapeño (seeded and finely diced)
1 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

For the pico de gallo:  Combine all ingredients and chill for at least 30 minutes.

For the mojito shrimp:  In a stainless steel bowl add mint and sweetener.  Muddle the leaves with the sweetener then add the rest of the marinade ingredients and whisk together.
Add the shrimp to the marinade and toss together.  Let the shrimp sit in the marinade for at least 10 minutes.  Toss the shrimp every 5 minutes or so to distribute the marinade evenly.
Meanwhile preheat your outdoor grill and grilling platter.  Once the grill is ready add some shrimp and cook for 4 to 5 minutes then turn the shrimp over and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.  Repeat this process until all the shrimp has been cooked.

Serve with some of the homemade pico de gallo and enjoy!
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